Monday, February 20, 2012

Journal Of Special Education

Reading written journals on special education can help, for the articles can give you an in-depth insight to the true nature of teaching special children and what is involved. You will read about things you need to know as a teacher, parent, or specialist handling children with special needs. This is because the journals are written by scholars, recognized individuals and key persons in the field.

The Journal of Special Education is a written periodical that tackles the subject of special education. In it, you can find comprehensive discussions, reviews and commentaries, sample interventions in dealing with special children, outlined procedures concerning special students and timely research and in-depth analysis on matters concerning special education.

You do not need to buy published journals on special education just to get your hands on one, for there are available sources and links online that contain reliable research and discussions. Sample articles that you can find in online journals are practical applications and strategic teaching methods that you can use to educate special children formulated theories that address key issues on teaching children and individuals with special needs, source of advocacy or integrated network listing of disability and educational information, comprehensive guide on teaching individuals with special needs and selected reviews and data that can guide you in determining the needs of your students.

These are only some sample contents that you can obtain in electronic journals regarding special education. Whatever resource you use, the ideas and concepts gathered, plus the solutions presented, can help you become sensitive to the needs of your students and be quick in responding to them.

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Special Education Scholarship Options and Ways to Get Funding

For those who are interested in going into teaching special education, there are a variety of scholarships available in both individual states and nationwide around the US. Because this is a growing career field, there are many organizations who are giving away money to help fund students who wish to pursue a career as a special education teacher. To save on all of the college expenses which seem to pile up endlessly, you will need to have a thorough and comprehensive list of potential scholarships which you can apply to. It is a noble thing to help those who are in need and salaries for teachers are not as attractive as other professions.

The Kelli Stackhouse Scholarship is just one of the many being given out all across the country. It is for undergraduate students who are specializing in the study of special education. They will study both your leadership and academic achievements. The money awarded begins at five hundred dollars and some students will receive higher amounts.

There is also the Weaver Endowed scholarship. If you are majoring in special education and want to specialize with children that are deaf, you may be eligible. Remember to follow the deadlines for any scholarship as being late is going to often disqualify you. There is also the Ward Family scholarship Fund which is given to older undergraduates. If you are a junior or senior student this is aimed at you, however you will need to show good grades as well as financial need to receive this award.

Remember that there are always new scholarships being given away to students all over the country by organizations that are associated to special education or disabled people. The more scholarships you apply to, the more you will increase your chances of getting one. Some financial awards will have certain requirements for teaching in the future. They are well worth it considering how helpful the financial assistance can be. With the increasing of tuition for colleges and universities nationwide, it is important now more than ever to get the help you need to complete your education and get the degree plus future you deserve. You'll be helping kids and should be proud of your aspiration.